Monday, 30 May 2011

OIL STRIKE ! melae proscarabaeus

              Black Oil Beetle.                  
There are four species of Oil Beetle in Britain. Two are common and widespread the others are very rare and not found in our region. Buglife are surveying this threatened species in an OIL BEETLE HUNT so if you see one please contact them. Keep an eye out particularly along paths or on bare ground and like all of us they prefer warm sunny conditions.
I found this specimen on the path on the hillside above Hawsen Burn, spotting it at some 10 metres initially. My beetle must have been around 30 mm long so there is a good chance it was a female. They live for a short period as an adult and can be seen between March and June.
Right, i'll get off and make my submission to Buglife now.

You must double click these images.

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