Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I'm a sucker................

.............for a nice male Pochard image, so here are two taken at Killingworth Lake a couple of days ago.

With its lovely rich colours at this time of year this diving duck always catches the eye in my opinion. Classed mainly as migatory i think slightly more numbers are being seen in the area during spring and summer. I have certainly been more aware of them at Killingworth and Swallow Pond in the last couple of years.
Double click on image to get close up views of detail.


  1. Hi John. Glad you made it up the road to Killy. There certainly does seem to be a growing number of Pochard on the lake. Cheers.

  2. I had a cracking 90 minutes on the way to Big Waters. Nice to see the Common Terns and Great Crested Grebes (on smaller lake) with young.