Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Disappointed of Wallsend.

I have to admit to be disappointed with my batch of images of the Wryneck at Whitley Bay cemetary. Admittedly the light wasn't the best when i arrived and the bird was in whatever shade was being cast by the tree it sat under but i had lots of time with it. My first Wryneck, a bird that had eluded me until now and what a little cracker. It wasn't as active as it had been, by all accounts earlier, but it was fascinating watching it feed in a joint between the kerb edgings.
If you haven't already seen it, go HERE to watch a video captured by John (Howdon Blogger) Hall of the bird showing lots of its behaviour and some images that put my poor effort to shame.
Best of a bad bunch.......image, not bird that is.
EDIT...... just looking at some other Wryneck images again, it looks like the Wryneck is one of those species like, say, the Waxwing which is transformed when seen in a bit of decent light. Waxwings, although beautiful birds can colour wise look dowdy when viewed on a grey day. That's my excuse.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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