Friday, 15 July 2016

Avocet update.

Dave E. saw the Avocet adults lead 3 chicks away from Cresswell Pond and into the surrounding fields !!
One of the adults previous to pairing up.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fingers crossed.

After several days of wondering when, the first Avocet chick was seen when the adults on the rear nest at Cresswell did an early morning change over on Tuesday 12/07/16. Great to see after last years annihilation of the 5 nests on the sand bar of this furthest northern breeding site in England. Following that wipe out it would have been understandable if no Avocets had of tried and it was looking like that for quite a while despite some potential residents. 
I've sat longer than usual in the hide on 3 or 4 occasions in the last week or so hoping to capture the first sighting of the young 'un and was more than happy to have managed it. A true record shot as the image is heavily cropped. Fingers crossed no foxes return like last year as Avocets are feisty birds and will see off most potential predators especially avian ones.
I'm pretty sure the adult in the photo was ringed as a juvenile at Cresswell Pond as one of the first youngsters that created the record i mentioned earlier but i am just waiting for confirmation. It would be nice to think so.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

It didn't quite add up.

Had a trip up to Fontburn Reservoir on Sunday. I was going to walk out of Greenleighton Quarry, something i've done a couple of times but on arrival it was cold, windy and the clouds were very threatening. I spent 45 minutes in the area but then decided to head to the main car park and see how the weather was by then. I took my time calling off at a couple of spots on the way and by then it was looking a bit better. I had an enjoyable if quiet few hours around the reservoir, the nature reserve and above on the moors but the highlight by far was on my return.
I was only some 100 metres from my car when, as i approached a slight bend in the path a rabbit came out of the undergrowth, hopped across the path and into the tall grass on the opposite side. It was 11.15 and i thought to myself "Very strange at this time in the morning" as it was within 10 metres of a number of fishermen along the waters edge. Almost immediately i found out why the bunny had shown.

This Adder had obviously stumbled upon the rabbit which had sent it packing. It didn't seem to have a problem with my presence and i enjoyed its company for a good 5 minutes. As is always the case i wish i had had another shorter lens with me as i couldn't capture the full length of the snake, i had taken a couple of pics on my phone but they weren't the best. I did lay down to capture some shots but the 300mm lens i was using did mean i couldn't get too close so i was pretty much safe. It spent most of the time scenting the air so i reckoned it was still interested in which way its potential quarry had gone and it did head off into the grasses in the same direction. A brilliant encounter with an awesome creature.