Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015

......and here's one of the Fab Five.

A trip up the coast with Tattoo Tony who i met at Gossy Park fairly recently was excellent. This lad makes my health problems pale into insignificance so he struggles to get much further than Gosforth Park normally and when he clocked the Peregrine Falcon at Widdrington Moor Lake and rejoiced in the fact that this was his first, that made my day. I commented that i don't keep lists but can remember where i saw my first of most species and that this would stick in his memory. The Whoopers were still here at this time, which happened to be about midday.
Later on having told him earlier that i had been coming up to the Druridge area hoping to capture boxing Hares in particular for the last few weeks, as we headed along the East Chevington road, i slammed my brakes on and i reversed back to the gate entrance we had just past. There in full view were a couple of Hares very close together possibly looking to do a bit of sparring. Where was my camera ? In the boot ! Tony had his and took some shots. I reversed back again, out of view of the Hares, jumped out retrieved my camera from the boot and drove back. Yep, the Hares had buggered off. "Oh Dear !" i blurted out (or words to that effect). No luck with Marsh Harrier or Bearded Tit but the Snow Buntings were stunning down by Chevington Burn on the beach. The highlight of the day for me but obviously Tony plumped for the Peregrine. And who can blame him. Special moments those, seeing the first of a species.
Winter favourite.

One word      STUNNING.
We did call at Killy Lakes in passing early on. On the larger lake the Great Crested Grebes were eyeing up the floating reedbed briefly then a pair of Mute Swans struck some poses. On the smaller Lake one of the GCGs was in the reedbed quite close to the road. It was there when we arrived and still there when we left after 20 mins or so. While the other bird was pootling about in the open.
Shelduck were very much in evidence today with a pair on Lynemouth Flash ( a few ducks & common waders also) ten on the Budge Field and another pair on Chev north pool. Great Crested Grebes in pairs were also noted at Widd Moor Lake and E Chev n. pool. Cresswell Pond disappointed due to VERY HIGH water levels.....doesn't look too good for anything much in the near future.

Monday, 23 March 2015

You're 'aving a laugh.

Early Sunday morning at Druridge as i was leaving the Budge Field hide an Avocet circled overhead calling. It eventually headed towards the main pool and as i opened the windows in the Oddie Hide it landed on the pool.
It spend a few minutes having a quick look around before it took off again heading south. Next stop Cresswell i thought, but headed back to the Budge Hide again. There it was. I took a quick snap and as the sun, yes the sun, was out i moved position slightly taking my eye off the bird for a couple of seconds. It has disappeared again. This time for good.
Last week the Avocets were playing ball at Cresswell.
I had three last Sunday (15th) and a single bird the previous Thursday (12th)
The water levels were reasonable then but very high yesterday. No wonder the Avocet was flying around looking lost.