Thursday, 7 March 2019

One o five

The number of Whoopers I ended up with on Druridge Pool last Wednesday. Started off the just the one, as captured with a single Great-crested Grebe below, before the others joined it in small groups from the fields just north. The volunteer warden and I counted them in ….. 20 odd, 40 odd, 70 odd..... slowly heading towards the ton before finally getting there with five on top. Another four drifted towards the pool before disappearing behind the copse to the left and not being relocated.
Here's a few shots of them coming

Sadly I didn't have a camera with lens attached with a short focal length to capture them all on the pool.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

First of nineteen

Two thousand and nineteen, that is. My first SEO. The shrewder amongst you will know exactly where. Pleased to say I beat the crowds of toggers.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

My first in Northumberland

Having seen Bewick Swans in Kent a few times i had frustratingly missed out on the few occasions that they'd turned up in Northumberland. I went up to the weir at Warkworth on Sunday after two had been reported there since Friday but they had been going missing for long periods favouring fields just to the north of the river which was inaccessible and had missed out but only had time for a short visit. I was however treat to the sight of the Red-necked Grebe which was also in the vicinity.
Had planned a day out on Wednesday but feeling slightly under the weather gave that a miss but did manage to get out for a few hours on Thursday later on when the car was available. It worked out well as the forecast decent weather for both days didn't materialise on Weds but did on Thursday and on arrival at the River Coquet found the BEWICK SWANS in the company of many Whoopers and a few Mute. Great views for around twenty minutes before a number of Whoopers decided to leave with the Bewicks following closely behind. They veered off to the left after following the river for a short while looking to head back to the favoured field I mentioned earlier.
Headed off to Druridge Bay Country Park for another bird which had hung around for a few days namely a Great Northern Diver. Another hour of fantastic birding with the diver coming reasonably close a couple of times. A bank of cloud had dropped as I arrived at the country park so the light wasn't a good as it had been 20 minutes earlier. Still nice to get so close to a lovely bird.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rose-coloured Starling

I had to post a couple of images of the Rosy from Ashington yesterday. Captured in a back garden having walked along an alleyway between the houses. Luckily i'm 6 foot 4 inches as the 6 foot fence caused viewing problems for many. I had to balance on tiptoe to get my shots !!! A beautifully marked adult, i'm sure you'll agree.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

For the record

First returning AVOCET of the year at Cresswell Pond, Druridge, Northumberland. Thursday 08/03/2018. An awful heavily cropped capture of the bird.

N.B. i'm posting this at 04.55 on Saturday morning before i go back to bed having got up to head up to Dru for a mornings birding BUT without checking the weather forecast last night !!!!! SCOOLBOY ERROR. It is tipping it down and will do most of the day so i'm going back to bed hoping the car is available tomorrow instead. In my defence the fore cast for today wasn't at all bad in forecasts a couple of days back...that's why i didn't bother looking. Anyway, NIGHT NIGHT.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

100,000 up !!!

This post will bring up 100,000 views of my blog. If I had continued blogging in the last couple of years as much as I did previously that 100,000 would have come up a lot sooner. Twitter is to blame for that. To commemorate I thought I would post a couple of images of my first ever views of Dolphins. They were White-beaked Dolphins which I saw from Tynemouth north pier a couple of weeks back. Quite distant but nevertheless a fabulous experience.

I'll chuck in an image of a Kittiwake, a juvenile, which were the real stars on arrival & departure at the pier. Their evocative calls.......sublime. They've gone now, sadly.