Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Druridge Dragons

 These two male Hawkers posed nicely along the path leading to the Oddie hide at Druridge Pools Sunday morning. Others were on the wing inc at least three Migrant and a couple Southern Hawkers with two Common Darters perched in amongst the Brambles. I used to see many Migrant Hawkers along this path before they disrupted the habitat by renewing the path. Far fewer Darters and various Damselflies seen here now. Other species must have suffered also. All that so humans would have a nice path to walk along and not get their feet wet in the winter. A nature reserve managed by a wildlife trust …… so much for wildlife !!!!!


Monday, 29 July 2019

Divers off Tynemouth Pier

There must have been a shoal of some sort not far off the pier end as hundreds of Terns, mainly Common & Sandwich, were plunge diving into the North Sea. I' will often see Terns in the mouth of the Tyne but this morning they were joined over a period by a decent number of Gannets. I see Gannets passing back & forth along the north east coast regularly with Newbiggin being a particularly good place for close encounters but they don't feed that close in normally. Today however the Gannets joined the Terns some 20 metres or so from where I stood giving amazing views of their diving. Not only the sight but the sound of them hitting the water was brilliant.



                                                                  Sandwich Tern

On the cliffs under Tynemouth Priory at the beginning of the walk the Kittiwakes seem to be having a good breeding season. Here's an adult with a chick

Saturday, 13 July 2019

DUCK !!!

…. actually it was a Spoonbill but I thought I might have to duck at one stage.

Monday, 24 June 2019

A1068 Barnie

The A1068 being the busy road between Widdrington Village and Amble. It was just before 5 a.m. on Sunday morning so the road was quiet. I was heading north along the road wanting to turn off for the side road that would take me down to Hadson Carrs then back towards East Chevington. The Barn Owl caught my eye just before the junction so I had to turn back and park on the grass verge, something I wouldn't consider later in the day or during the week. Lovely sitting watching it as it surveyed the wide grass verge but a gut in a van pulled alongside and asked if everything was alright, probably thinking I might have broken down. "I'm fine thanks" I replied as I pretended to be on my phone. Unfortunately as the van pulled away it spooked the owl which disappeared off down the road. I was going to have to go back the way I had come and turn to get back on track. I drove about 100 metres then spotted at gateway on my right and decided to turn there. As I was about to pull out something caught my eye on the other side of the road.
First image was taken with my 35mm lens. The other three with the 300 mm and are cropped. Bird sat for 15 minutes quite happily flying off twice but returning. Cars make wonderful hides !