Friday, 13 November 2020

Keeping my distance

 I've never really needed much of an excuse to keep my distance from folk. I've always been happy with my own company and although i do enjoy listening to people who actually have something to say i find most folk tend to be more wrapped up in themselves. Heading up to Abbey Mills near Morpeth the forecast wasn't as good as it had predicted ( surprise, surprise) It was raining which meant that the light would be awful and it never stopped all morning. A double edged sword as it meant photography would be tricky but it might mean it was quieter than expected and that's how it turned out. Picked up a single HAWFINCH on arrival close to the path but way up in the top of the Hornbeams. It was active and feeding, great to observe but no chance of a decent pic. I had the bird all to myself for the hour or so i was there and only one single dog walker came anywhere near close. The plan was to enjoy walks along the river and woods, especially along towards Mitford but as mentioned the lack of any decent light put paid to any landscape captures, my camera with the shorter lens stayed in the car due to the wet conditions. I didn't mind carrying one camera and trying to keep it dry but didn't want to mess about with two. It was nice to find another colony of Tree Sparrows in a small plot with a couple of feeders in it on the outskirts of Mitford. This species has been doing really well here in the north east it would seem. I remember not that long ago the only place i was guaranteed to see any was at Big Waters but now i can think of 8-10 sites. My time along the Wansbeck brought me great views of a DIPPER. Heading up Druridge way regularly these days means its been some time. Thoroughly enjoyed spending time in its company as it did what Dippers do as leaves fell from the trees continually.


Sunday, 31 May 2020

Roebuck close up

This male Roe Deer was on the north bank along the Oddie path as i arrived at Dru. It scarpered along the bank when it saw me but stopped and turned as it reached what is left of the bushes. I stood, it stood, we both stood staring  then it seemed comfortable and had a few picks of grass. I cautiously took a few pics so as not to disturb it. It jumped down to the path then onto the south bank but instead of dropping down immediately to the Budge Field it took its time, picking more grass. Eventually it did drop down out of sight but reappeared close by as it moved along the field. Being 6 foot 4 inches has its advantages and this was one of them as i managed some lovely close views as it trotted past.
Close encounters are always wonderful and getting a nice image a bonus !!!

Monday, 25 May 2020


I promised Andy yesterday that i would post images of the SPOONBILL that i had briefly on the Budge Field at Druridge on 13th May. It had a nice bit of colour about it.
Been meaning to post them but kept forgetting !

Sunday, 15 March 2020

East Chevington capture.

Another Stoat image from East Chevington, this time captured in front of the south east corner hide while sitting in the company of Andy Mc.
It moved swiftly, as they do, across the back of the two cut rides and quickly out of sight. I saw what must have been the same animal do almost exactly the same thing about ten days ago. It was a nice surprise to see i had something worth sharing given the fact i literally just fired off a few shots. I have to give the fast focusing attributes of the Canon 7d mkII the full credit.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Common Crane

Got lucky with the Crane just south of Middleton last week. A good 90 minutes in and no sign of the bird. I had passed the area where it had been reported and was just about to head back to the car when two birds lifted distantly ..... a Grey Heron in pursuit of a COMMON CRANE ! Bingo.
They had lifted in the area near Middleton Mill and the Crane continued east along the course of the river before settling out of site. As i retraced my steps i noticed the bird directly ahead of me and as i did it lifted again, disappearing behind a small copse. I re found it on the south side of the River Wansbeck beside where Middleton Burn joins. Although slightly distant i could have gotten closer via the small copse BUT i was out of time and left it looking like it was not going anywhere fast. Might return if it sticks around which looks likely.

Monday, 27 January 2020

East Chev Stoat.

Nothing much about on the bird front on Saturday morning on a visit to East Chevington. The thing is you never know when or if you will see anything, that's my fascination with getting out and about in Northumberland. Literally minutes from leaving and on my way back to the car this Stoat appeared out of the reeds and onto the edge of the main track that runs between Druridge C.P. and Druridge pools and along the eastern edge of the north pool at Chev. It sat and looked at me for a moment but disappeared the moment i moved slightly to get a decent shot with the camera that i had slid gently from my side. I didn't move and seconds later it reappeared before darting across the path, stopping to take a look then it proceeded to run directly towards me before quickly turning and disappearing again. Wonderful.

Smarter than any Meerkat