Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Large Skipper on Northern Marsh Orchid

I'm sticking my neck out here.
The above statement could be wrong on both accounts. I only got into Butterflies last summer and was shown my first Wild Orchid in the field a few weeks ago by City Birding. Anyway, that aside, the image has two great subjects and the colour in my humble opinion i think is lush. See what you think.
The image was captured at the Rising Sun in the meadow surrounding Dukes Pond. Anyone visiting in the coming months MUST visit this area and as the summer progresses and temperatures rise loads of brill insects will be uncovered in amongst the grasses and wild flowers.


  1. John,

    glad to see your progressing in your identification, without a doubt I can confirm your suspicions as my many years of research into butterflies and orchids can confirm. If you need a second opinion you could always ask Phil at Cabinet of Curiosities whos expertise is only second to my own.


    ps: I googled the names and looked at the pictures which looked the same as yours

  2. I always value your opinion John, especially when it comes to nature. I won't bother with Phil as you have confirmed my guesswork.