Saturday, 21 May 2011

Holywell East Pool..........a little gem?

A cracking couple of hours spent standing in the undergrowth just off the wagonway being entertained by our avian friends. This might just turn out to be a nice little spot if it stays as it is. I remember this as just a flash that dried up in the summer and held water during wet spells. Considering the lack of rainfall for the last 3 months i was flabbergasted when i called past a couple of weeks ago. This was 3 or 4 days before the Temmincks Stints were sighted and i had a female Ruff. I remember telling a couple of the lads at Swallow Pond on the Friday about this area and predicting some nice waders turning up. I went down last Monday for the Stints which although not reported, were still there along with a Common Sandpiper. Today was my third visit and as with previous visits i had sightings of Lapwings, Canada's, a pair of Shelduck, and a Little Grebe. Today's newbies included a male Shoveler, a couple of Pied Wagtails, another pair of Shelduck dropped in but were quickly dispatched by the resident pair, the Common Sandpiper was again evident with today's bobby dazzlers being a  couple of Dunlin dressed in their summer apparel. Overhead a number of Swfts were zipping about in the still gusty conditions. It was nice to see Swallows and House Martins dropping down not only to feed over the water but land to collect mud, of which there is plenty of wet stuff available. Another bonus of the site is the surrounding undergrowth aside the wagonway which various Warblers kept popping out of and belting out in song, my highlight,a Whitethroat soaring doing a Skylark impression.

I understand this is private land and there is a cereal crop growing in the field. Cain (Holywell Birding) reckons this pool has come about by mining subsidance and i can see now he mentioned it that the area around does look to have sunken somewhat. Whatever the cause lets hope it remains as the potential is there for a nice birding spot.


  1. Thats the sort of find I like.

  2. Ther's plenty down there already with the main pond and the dene but this might bring in some waders...........if the mud stays.