Monday, 23 May 2011

Grabbed by the fuzz.......................ouch!

While having an amble around Richardson Dees Park for a change a police officer approached as i stumbled about in the undergrowth. "Do you have a camera?" he asked. I guided him through my photo gallery. " Thats a Mistle Thrush, a Willow Warbler..........thats a Butterfly (i smiled) and we have a Red -necked Phalarope also." 
He wasn't too impressed by the birds i had captured but was happy with the content. Some moron obviously saw my taking pictures of birds or bugs and thought......................." i had better phone the polis, binoculars and a camera, i mean" Personally i'd be more concerned by people taking pictures on camera phones in and around the "wrong places". I NEVER EVER get my camera out in or around know what i mean.
I didn't warn the copper that he might have a speight of calls when the RSPB have their walk there soon. Loads of blokes wandering around with cameras, binoculars and SCOPES............OH MY GOD!!!!!
Here are a couple of the images i showed MR. PLOD so i thought you guys might enjoy also.

This beautiful Speckled Wood was sitting in a clearing in the trees soaking up the sun hidden from the gusty wind. Just thought, when i saw this stunner i did start rubbimg the top of my thighs and going "corrrrrrr" a la Packham. Thats possibly why i had my collar felt.


  1. When this copper (the Sgt variety - who you thought would have a bit more intelligence)knocked on my door and asked the same thing I replied several, no smile appeared on his face so I thought better play it straight then, and then when I explained that I had been trying to get a picture of a Sparrowhawk that had just murdered a poor bird but had missed he said well if you just show me the picture of it I could just leave it there. It took me a further 10mins to explain that I didnt get a pic of said bird and didn't mean I was guilty of something as he sat at my table which was covered with bird books and mags and my screen was open at a bird blog with lots of pictures of pretty birdies (aaahhhh). The fuzz appeared within 10mins of me watching the Sparrowhawk and obviously very quickly as you were still in the park as opposed to a couple of things in the last couple of editions of the Evening Chronicle where they were "allegedly" reported to be a bit slow.

    PS. although if I had seen you doing your Chris Packham impression I might have made a call.

  2. I remember your episode with the cops well John.
    Did they bother to get the C.I.D. involved when you mentioned the murder that you hads witnessed. I think a Sparrowhawk I.D. parade was in order at least...........that's the one with the feathers hanging out of his beak !!!!!!!

  3. Hi John. The RSPB talk and walk took place on Sunday, without any police present as far I could tell. Maybe they were under cover. Mind you it had been arranged by the Park Manager and two of his staff and they were all present:-) My compact camera stayed in the pocket because it was so windy.
    Much work going on in the park now. I hope they retain some of the wild feel about the place. I do know that a number of the larger and older trees are for the chop.

  4. I can beat that! Given my occupation, I too was reported to the bizzies a week or two ago for taking photos of a 'kids football team'. I, of course, was not, and the kids were horrible, smelly, hairy, 17 year olds. Still, it made my work colleagues smile!

  5. I did pop my head up towards the area where i could hear work being done, just to see what they were up to. Large areas appeared to be fenced off.The work does appear to be in the area of the park and bowling green area so hopefully they wont do too much damage further down. The stream could do with a good clean up, along with the pond. Its sad to hear about some of the larger trees, it does have a nice feel to the place away in the quiet places.

  6. Hi Phil,
    I'm sure we all understand "the times we live in" as the copper kept saying. If i had been creeping about in the wrong areas i could have understood................and it would have been my own fault !!!!!!
    I'll be quizzing you next time we meet as to your occupation.
    It seems strange that on one hand some numpty phones and the vlaw is there in a flash but if there is any proper trouble or if something like an ambulance is needed you are lucky if anyone at all turns up.