Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Congratulations London !!

While half a dozen of the struggling European countries clubbed together and had a communal firework display consisting of  20 bangers, 8 rockets, 8 roman candles, 5 fountains and a packet of sparklers ( kindly donated by Greece) London spent *!^+*#@** pounds.
AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Obviously things aren't as bad in this country as was made out.

Looking back on 2012 ?
 Well, two things spring to mind. Thundery Thursday. We hope to get back home at the end of the month and the hours spent in the company of the Blagger from Howdon ( no, that's not a spelling mistake) and the knowledge, both birding and photographically, that he has passed on to me. His wisdom knows no bounds and i am a much better person for it.
I just hope the promise of large lattes ( that's coffee for those who don't know) for the whole of 2013 if i said nice things about him holds up.
I did make a major discovery also. Macdonalds actually do produce something that looks and tastes palatable, their coffee. Mind, i haven't been brave enough to try anything else.


  1. I find it obscene that people in the world are starving and in our own country poverty is still a big issue, yet down in London they seem happy to set fire to ££££s.

    Apparently in Australia their big display cost $4million !! This world is all fecked up....

    ....... and a happy new year !!

  2. I felt sick watching it but not my telly so i couldn't turn it off unfortunately.

  3. You could have left the room!

  4. Stop calling me Baby, Megs will get jealous!

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