Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Blagger luvs a fishcake.

..........and as soon as the Howdon whippersnapper had finished said fishcake and some of his chips his attention was turned to luring a Mediterranean Gull from its perch on a nearby lamp post. John, George, Paul and Ringo, Bob's your uncle, the bird was suitably lured. Unfortunately so where 24 Black-headed Gulls which made a hoped for in flight shot more awkward.
Med. chip snaffler. Newburn Bridge, Hartlepool.
The Merlin from the Saltholme hide was indeed the highlight on Saturday but a Black-throated Diver passing less than two metres overhead as it lifted from the marina at Hartlepool when a small launch motored towards it came a very close second. Great-crested Grebe and Merganser new birds for me this year and the company made it a cracking days birding. I can't remember NOT having a good day down Teesmouth way.
I called into Gosforth Park this afternoon for ninety minutes or so and slip, sliding away were words that spring immediately to mind. I think all of the Blue Tits from the reserve must have been at the feeding station. A Treecreeper was another first this year but the rest of my visit was quiet. Three more words.......mild, muddy and murky.
Having enjoyed an image of the "Big River" as Brian, Killy Birder called the Tyne in his post i thought i would post one i took around a month ago when my wife and i took our older grandson "on a boat", the Shields ferry. The sun shone !
Looking out towards the North Sea, my home town North Shields on the left.


  1. I like the way you cropped the Med Gull picture to show that your were standing on a hill when you took it, pretty cool. Also next time you will have to buy a small chips also as the portion I bought could not fill me and a Med Gull (+23 BHGs)


  2. Nice image of the 'Big River' John. I think the area around North Shields Fish Quay and the mouth of the Tyne has great atmosphere and a great deal of history. When I was down on Sunday it was like a calm spring day offering some very nice photo opportunities, especially looking up river. It has become one of my favourite local areas, with or without rare gulls. Cheers. Brian.

  3. I am good John, aren't i ?

    Loved the Big River song by Jimmy Nail (in fact i'm going to put it up on you tube shortly) I used to live at Dockwray Square, very close to the High Lights, as a child and spent most of my time playing down on the Quay or bank top. We used to organise footy matches between ourselves and we built goalposts and got paint and marked out a pitch in the middle of the square ( where Stan Laurels statue now stands) but the clincher was that the goals had nets as we used to go down to the quay and snaffle bits of fishing net and stitch the bits together. The kids used to come from far and wide for a game of footy at Dockwray Square because of the nets on the goals !!!!

  4. Not sure if I remember the last time I saw kids playing football in the street John, not in any organised way!
    Oh yes the fish and chips. I had to see the practice nurse recently because of raised cholesterol. We discussed diet etc and I told her I led a very active life style and followed a decent diet (which I do) and was out birding lots. I didn't tell her I often had fish and chips in the middle of the bird watching. May have to avert the eyes and nose more often. I'm otherwise healthy apart from a damn cold I cannot shift!