Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sorry, only got five minutes.

I was going to call by Leazes Park but no mention of the Slav. for a second day put paid to that. On returning from the Ponteland cattery i called in at Prestwick Carr for a couple of hours. I wasn't going to make the same mistake as last time when i forgot to put the necessary footwear/ swimwear in the boot of the car to enable me to negotiate the high water levels. Not as bad as last time but waterproof footwear is still required if you want to walk more than a hundred metres up towards the sentry box.
Nothing much on the way up with fifty plus Lapwing the stand out in the flooded horses field. A Goldcrest, the crown shining like a beacon in the gloom, went about its business in amongst a loose flock of Long-tailed Tits. A Buzzard appeared from the hedgerow on my left and drifted into the the tallest trees in the wood. As i made my way back in the direction of Mayfair Cottage i turned to look skywards as i heard the beating wings of Mute Swans but to my surprise the two Mutes were accompanied by three Whooper Swans. All five birds came to rest on the flooded horses field but some way in front of me. I had barely gotten as close as possible before they decided their time at Preswick was up and off they flew. Shortly before leaving just over sixty Pink-footed Geese flew overhead.
Awful light = high iso= poor image.
Quick guys, lets get out of here before that PC Wanderer sees us.


  1. It took you 5mins to type all that with 1 finger and all that post production on the photographs - you little fibber you, your not that quick.

    The Blagger from Howdon

    ps. ref your previous post - you fibbed there also - you have tried their other delicacies when I gave you a Big Mac when the exceptionally good looking young lady put 2 in my bag (when I had only ordered 1) as she obviously thought I was a tad on the lean side and she had a penchant for the well built young men.

    pss. Have a happy New Year (note no exclamation marks)

  2. I think in writing telling fibs is called poetic licence.

  3. But I cant see any words rhyming!!

  4. Poetry doesn't have to rhyme y numpty.

  5. You send me comments, all of the time, can i tell you know, poetry doesn'y always rhyme.