Thursday, 27 December 2012

Skyfall ?

Male at Killingworth Lakes.
Called past Killy yesterday on the way to St. Marys' for thirty minutes but just hung out around the car park on the larger lake. A kerfuffle ensued as three ladies laden with large paper sacks started scattering feed. Swans, Canadas, Greylags, Coot, Mallards and gulls, mainly Black-headed, suddenly morphed into some sort of bird storm with the "wilder" species of duck keeping a safe distance.  In excess of twenty Goldeneye were more interested in each other anyway as one group of six males cavorted in front of a solitary female while another group, seven males and four females, were all trying to put their necks out. Marvellous to watch. Between forty and fifty Tufted Duck kept to the periphery initially before drifting in and seemingly diving for sunken booty and a dozen or so Pochard lingered with three juveniles looking rather smart.

 Nothing exceptional at the coast although it was pleasant enough. Dramatic skies on arrival with clouds ranging from white to light grey to an almost angry black, all stacked high on a clear blue background. That didn't last too long before the blue disappeared and the now ubiquitous rain started. Belting down, as it seems to these days.


  1. John,

    missed you at Killy, was at Big Waters for a couple of hours then stopped at Killy on the way home about 1-1.30 but haven't been out the house since. Am heading to Cumbria tomorrow then up to Scotland to see my Mam.


  2. Have a safe trip. I was at Killy 9 ish then down to coast. Had to go to docs yesterday for medication before going down to Kent. Was at Rising Sun looking for SEO when it was reported on birdguides !!!!! .....but never saw it. I nterested to see where it was seen, i know theyve been spotted around the pit heap.