Friday, 29 June 2012

Glug, glug, glug.

Blogging posts suspended for now due to flooding of house last night. Water had subsided this morning but you can imagine the mess! Birds lovers don't panic, the House Sparrows, Starlings and Blackbirds and all their young are fine and being well fed.
Canon lovers.............cameras first to be evacuated to higher ground.

Since you asked............we are getting there, thanks.


  1. Hope you can get back to normal soon John

  2. Good decision about the cameras!
    Can only repeat the above and hope you are able to settle back very soon John. Cheers.

  3. John,

    I can only add my hopes that everything gets back to normal (well as normal as you will ever be) soon. Nice to see you were in such an upbeat mood this afternoon and that the pussies didn't seem too bothered about the mess. Noticed you hadn't washed the car as that tide mark round its bonnet shows how lazy you are. Now who can I make pals with who will buy me my Maccydees Latte fix on a saturday morning.


    Remember, Im only a phone call away and you know how good I am with my hands after helping me put the shed up

  4. Yes Sympathies to you and your wife ,sounds horrendous hope you get it all sorted ASAP.

  5. First chance i've had to read your messages gentlemen and all of your wishes and sympathies are much appreciated. You see this happen to others on the telly and you wonder how they cope. All i can say is YOU JUST HAVE TO GET ON WITH IT, weeping and wailing doesn't get you anywhere.
    Keep your posts coming as that will cherer me up no end. Thanks again guys.
    Just an extra thank you to the Blogger from Howdon who is a tue mate.....sound as a pound and you don't get too many of them about. Cheers John, you're a good lad.............oh, while i'm on, did you say you would come down and valet the car when you called by this afyternoon? the bucket and chamois are ready and waiting. If you want to fit iut in before birding in the morning.........i'll be up.

  6. Really sorry to hear about your bad luck John - it must be a dreadful experience. I just hope the insurance company and all the various services do their stuff quickly.

    We were out in the Tyne valley at Corbridge, about two miles from the car, when the thunderstorm passed right overhead, and watched lightning strike the railway line less than 400 metres away. Scared the **** out of me. All the best to you and your wife. Phil.

  7. Hey jon, just read your blog, really sorry to hear about your mishap, all the best to you and your lass, out i can do ( apart from cleaning cars) gives me a ring

  8. Scaryu experience Phil. I had been thro' Corbridge and visiting Slaley Forest the night before to experience Nightjars. We have 5 pedigree cats and they were up the wall with the thunder. Anyway, just getting on with the clear up but many thanks for your kind words. They are much appreciated...........i'm sure there a some worse off than us and they have my sympathies. Thanks again.

  9. Jeff, cheers mate. I'll e mail you later today (Sun) Was away last week and hadnt seen you on messenger when i had looked during last week and thought you might be away. Speak later.

    1. no hassle jon, i have been in spain for a week, it is just a shame you saved your camera gear!!!! if you fancy a break pop over for a coffee