Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Warbler becomes a Wader.

Paddling through at least 600mm of filthy flood water the other day i thought to myself "I'm a wader !!!!!"
"But i prefer being a Warbler"

Seriously, can i thank everyone who had phoned, e mailed and posted comments passing on their sympathies.
I'm one of lifes optimists and my philosophy is that it is no good falling apart and feeling sorry for yourself but you have to get on with it. We have been fairly lucky in my opinion as the water had just about gone by 11 a.m. the following morning so we could get on with making the place habitable for a few days untill we get rehoused while the work needed is carried out. Things made difficult by the fact that there is no electricty downstairs, no gas and our 3 month old car stands stricken outside the front door, with a tide mark around the bonnet, untill that gets sorted. It was strange looking out the bedroom window the other night shortly after the deluge had stopped and the sun was shining and our semi submerged car decided to turn both front and rear windscreen wipers on until it died a death, literally. Kinda summed it up really !!!
Can i just say that NORTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL have been MARVELLOUS since and every day council staff and sub contractors have been around sorting out electrity, gas and rubbish problems. Almost everybody has been brilliant, with the exception of the odd pea-brained imbecille neighbour who wandered about waist or chest deep in some places, laughing and joking with the expected mobile phone adhered to the side of the head. An hour or two later a rescuer came around in full protective gear with a pole probing the ground for lifted and potentially killer lifted drain/ manhole covers telling you not to venture out in case you went down one of these.Suprisingly no moron was injured that i know of.
I must sign off as the missus has been awoken by the thumping of the keyboard and asked " can you not just look at some buterfly photographs ?"
I had better go.


A  p.s.
We have no internet connection. We are connected via. next doors wireless router but the neighbour has no electricity except for the extension cable passed from our rear bedroom to hers !


  1. Hope things are getting better


  2. The long legs gave it away although the beak is still slightly short!
    Well done with the chin up keep and full marks for creativity and humour in diversity.

  3. Yeh!John give me a shout when you get sorted a bit and feel like a day out , I'll come and pick you up for a run out.

  4. Things a wee bit better John.
    Cheers Peter.
    Much appreciated Brian. Offers like yours lift the gloom no end.