Monday, 4 June 2012


Here is "Red" the Red Deer stag who happened to be quite close by as i paid a visit to the Rising Sun a couple of days ago. As you can see he recently shed his antlers which are made of bone and as soon as they were shed velvet started growing over the bony stump. This velvet is richly supplied with blood vessels and nerves and bone is laid down within it. When this years antlers are fully grown the blood supply to the velvet will be cut off and it will  begin to die with the stag rubbing it off on branches and trees.
Incidentally a twelve pointer is called a ROYAL. The definition of a point, which dates back to the last century, is simple. If the strap of your binoculars can be hung on it then it counts as a point.
Here is"Red" back in March.


  1. John,

    nice pics. He was there early this morning fast asleep next to 5 horses.


  2. ............and what were YOU doing there. I can guess what he was up to but not you! Has the shed fallen down yet ??