Monday, 25 June 2012

Pyramidal Orchid.

I was in Kent last week visiting family and managed a couple of excursions out on my own. Saturday morning was blowy, but compared to Friday it felt like a light breeze. I ventured to a spot very close to where my son lives but didn't even know it existed. Darland Banks is chalk grassland and scrub on a steep south west facing escarpment which is part of the Kent North Downs. More sites of which i aim to explore, due to the specialised terrain, over the coming years.
I didn't expect any of the potential Chalkhill Blue, Marbled White or Green Hairstreak butterflies due to the gusty conditions and exposed position and i was spot on. One interesting candidate sped past at a zillion m.p.h. but heavens knows what it was. I did however get one of the hoped for species of Orchid, namely the Pyramidal but i must have been too late for the other the Man Orchid. Happy nonetheless with what i had i then had the unenviable task of trying to capture a decent image.


  1. What a beautiful looking orchid Jonny, nice pics, lovely colour.

  2. John,

    great pictures but am worried you were let out on your own. Are you sure no carer was present or loitering in the background just in case you needed someone to hold an odd orchid or two steady in the gusty wind.


  3. Cheers Linda,
    The strong breeze caused problems.