Monday, 11 October 2010

Orange-flanked Bush Robin

Decided to visit St. Marys' this afternoon to view the above bird......WHAT?
O.K.   Red-flanked Bluetail if you like, but can i point out at this stage that the Robins in the vicinity had a problem with it and quite a few chased it off. I rest my case, you honour. I think THEY might know better than US. What a spanking AND obliging little beauty. As per other bloggers, light was awful so no decent images ( "It doesn't stop you other times!" was the call from the cheap seats.) i thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minutes i had with it, made even more enjoyable by the appearance of the Stalker sorry Blogger from Howdon, whom i haven't seen for a while. After sharing the bird and some banter for 20 mins. or so we had a wander round in failing light picking out large numbers of Robins. Others seen included Goldcrests, Chiffchaffs and Blackbirds.
Before my jaunt to St. Marys' i had called past Tynemouth, but all the stunners have moved on. The Shorelark had been viewed in the morning but was absent when i was there. I still enjoyed my visit as it was an area i played around as a child. Recollections of sitting on Lord Collingwoods canons and scrambling about in the Spanish Batteries came flooding back. Aye, and the Black Middens.
Does anyone remember the stench from the Guano Works that drifted up Tanners Bank. I can smell it now!!


  1. John,

    nice to see you and great to chat. Hope we can get out together soon when our combined knowledge will make the other birders come rushing to us especially in the field of Warbler identification LOL.

    I must admit though the stench of guano did permeate the air at St Marys also at times tonight (heehee).


  2. John,
    Must have passed you going in the opposite direction. We went to Tynemouth after St Mary's.
    One of these days.

  3. Sounds busy up there at the moment, L

  4. John,
    We will have to go out in the next 2 weeks.
    You don't have to pretend, tell the truth.
    You're trying to avoid me ( and doing a very good job, i may add)
    Apparently it was amazing down at St. Marys' at the weekend. The birds were dropping out of the skies, by all accounts. Shame i didn't get down 'till Monday. But the "Bluetail" was superb. Showing brilliantly. A star.
    Cheers all.