Friday, 15 October 2010

Depressed? Miserable? Weather getting you down? look here...........

These are some images i captured at the Rising Sun Country Park the other day, you know, THAT day when the sun was shining for a couple of hours. They certainly brightened my evening up when i was sorting them. There is nothing nicer than a quiet autumn day when the sun still has the remnants of its summer feel. That pleasant warmth and golden glow that it casts.
But that was then.........and nowt more miserable than when the sun aint shone for a few days. As is the case at the moment with either the cloud cover or mist. I've included one of the last Dragonfly i've seen for a few days in with the fungi.

If they haven't managed to cheer you up a little i suggest you go to the cupboard and get out that can of Heinz Cream of Tomato, heat it in a pan, pour into a mug and cup it in your hands as you consume it.
......and finally my last Dragonfly so far this year, a Darter, soaking up the suns rays. I hope i see a few more Darters and will be disappointed if some Hawkers don't reappear also before the end of the month.


  1. Striking fungi fotos John. Am hoping we might get a couple of dragon days before the season ends but am not too hopeful.
    There is a huge fungi display on a tree stump in the church grounds beside the bus stops at Barras Bridge in toon.

  2. John, if there's one kind of soup I don't like.... it's tomato. :O) But I get the idea. Lovely Autumn days like that are precious. The photos are lovely - I especially like the fourth one of the toadstool 'village'. There's a couple of high-rise flats there in amongst the smaller dwellings. :) I hope you get to see some more dragonflies before Winter.

    p.s. You have an award waiting at my blog for you. :)

  3. Haven'y been on line for a few dats. Thanks for the comments.
    Cheers Bob.
    I think the cold weather for the next few days might see off any Dragons, Dick.
    I only mentioned tomato because i thought it might be the most popular. I think you can appreciate fungi in so many different ways. Love the dwelling comparison, can totally see where you are coming from. As i mentioned to Dick, the cold weather soon might end any hope and i will go to your blog straight away. I'm very excited!!!!!!

  4. Lovely fungi pics Johnny, certainly have that autumn glow about them. Linda

  5. Thank you Linda.
    It was the first decent light for a few days. Lovely time if year........if the sun shines.