Monday, 12 April 2010

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.

A little later on Saturday at Killingworth as i sat in front of the floating reedbeds gazing across the lake at the Great Crested Grebes all hell broke loose close by. A coot was going beserk, and this is why......

     these guys are nesting within close proximity
      the Mute thinks......i'll have a bit of that
     but the Coot is telling the Swan in no uncertain terms to back off
     the Swan carries on regardless
     enough is enough
     the cavalry wasn't needed to be honest
     ( not a vey good shot)   but everything is put back.



  1. A bit like a few years ago at my old house when next door decided to put up a new fence and started encroaching 2 ft into my garden. A "slight" spat occurred and eventually their partially completed fence came down rather fast.


  2. I've always known swans to be very aggressive when need be and yet the smaller coots won! :D

  3. Hi Lesley,
    Nice to hear from you again. I hope you are well and recovered from your recent bereavement.
    Go to most bodies of water at the moment and you will find Swans aggressively driving off all sorts of waterfowl. Its a very tense time of the year for all birds. You will see a lot of fighting everywhere.

  4. Hi John, thank you. Edmund, the rake that he is, has recovered too ..... my next post will reveal all. :)

    There's quite a lot of fighting in our garden too just now, especially amongst pairs of Blackbirds. It's lovely, though, to see the birds coming in to collect nesting material. A favourite for them is the hair from Charlie, our Standard Poodle x Afghan Hound. :O) Poor Charlie gets quite closely trimmed at this time of year to supply the birds with duvets for their nests.... it's comical watching them fly off with beakfulls of fluffy cream hair.