Thursday, 15 April 2010

Great Crested Grebes.....head to head

Another few images of the GCG's from yesterday. All views were from over 20 metres so they have been cropped drastically. Nice to see the crests, colouration and the presentation of some lovely weeds!! although the image quality ain't the best.( nowt new there )

       ....and i know it's only a Starling ( some might say , not my thoughts) but i think they are stunners also.


  1. Good stuff John. You caught the iridescence of the Starling well. I always reckon that there is much more to bird watching than chasing after 'ticks'. Cheers. Brian.

  2. The Grebes are gorgeous... I love their 'hairstyles'. :D

    I've always thought the Starling a beautiful bird. As we watched one feed in our garden the other day, hubby remarked that they don't seem as plentiful as they used to be. I remember them coming down in dozens to feed. Now it seems the Jackdaws are taking over.

  3. Sorry for late reply as i have been away for a few days.
    Thank you Brian,
    Starlings are lush. I totally agree with you.

    Hi Lesley,
    I'm going to follow these beautiful creatures over the next few weeks so hopefully will capture some nice images. Have just come back from Norfolk and spent a morning on a boat on the River Yare and came back with about a hundred Great Crested Grebe shots as i saw possibly 50 birds in 4 hours but i am more excited about these birds at Killingworth. I will bring you pics of their fantastic babies when they are hatched. Starlings are stunning birds, quite often overlooked. We have a pair nesting in a broken fascia board on a building at the rear of our property.