Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Farnes boys and birds

While i was sitting a home bemoaning the miserable weather the guys on the Farne Islands had a little more to contend with. The poor birds also. Read about the horrendous conditions


  1. What a rough time the poor seabirds have when it's stormy. I'm glad the eight kittiwakes survived and sucessfully flew off. The wardens do a great job!

    That little Redpoll is adorable. :)

  2. Hi Lesley,
    and Happy Easter.
    This is a smashing blog to follow even if you have only a passing interest in birds. I would recommend a trip up to the Farnes later in the year when the Terns and Puffins are nesting.
    Cracking day out in many ways.

  3. Hi John and Happy Easter to you too. :)

    I've been to the Farne's once. It was my eldest son's school trip. It was great going over in the little boat, being tossed about by the waves. Then lots of little birds attacked everyone's heads as we got out of the boat and ran for cover. :O) The rabbits there were almost tame. It was a smashing day and I'd love to go there again.