Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I nearly wet myself.

I did, with excitement. Next month we are renting a cottage in Norfolk. It was booked months ago and with my son and family visiting for a few days, the "jolly" was mentioned so i thought i had better check it out. The cottage is in a place called Bramerton and the property itself backs onto the River Yare. It has its own mooring and a dingy is supplied and motor launches can be hired, it says. Stuff that, i want to potter around in the "dingeeeeee", try not to capsize and get some wildlife shots. Hog heaven!!!!! I can feel a slight damp patch now. Looking on Memory Map i find that directly across the river is a spot called Postwick Marsh, yes straight across (pass the tissues) and within walking distance along the banks of the Yare in order are...........( i just can't stand it!!!!!!)     Surlingham Broad, Bradeston Marsh, Strumpshaw Fen And Rockland Broad. Almost every one has a LITTLE BLUE BIRD on it on the Ordanance Survey map. A bit like the LITTLE BLUE BAG you used to get in the plain flavoured crisps. Yes, you do remember, don't deny it. There was something about that LITTLE BLUE BAG, i think it was the way it was twisted closed, that gave it that little something you couldn't put your finger on. Anyway...........LITTLE BLUE BIRDS, its the first time i've noticed a flock of these on an O.S. before. Hence the leakage. A bit like seeing your first Bufflehead, as the folks living in and around Langton Herring in Dorset will tell you.( its just a Goldeneye with a big splodge on its head).
You were warned...............more waffling than warbling.
If anyone knows the area i am on about and can recommend any hidden gems by the way of birding sites i would be eternally grateful.Ive been restricted in my birding for the last few days and only managed a couple of rushed efforts ( cheers Howdon Blogger) so no decent birdie shots. "Nothing new there" was the cry from the balcony.
So here are two images of the main reason for the lack of birding. These two pics just about sum him up. No need to explain. 

Ewan Atkinson......   his mum got the shock of her life when this came up on my computer.

,,,,,,,and this was the very next shot, i think it reflects kids at this age perfectly.


  1. John,

    Cute looking but like all Grandkids they should come with a warning label. I luv seeing mine but after a couple of hours I luv handing them back.

    Hope you enjoy yourself in the flatlands of Norfolk whilst I am trodding up and down the Hills and Valleys of Durham and Northumberland.


  2. Lol, yer a nutter! :O)

    That little lad looks like he can handle himself! He's gorgeous though.... the mischievous look in the first photo is just great. :D

    Your holiday sounds marvellous John. I can understand why you're getting excited. :)

    (I did an update on baby Harry for you)

  3. Im not speaking to you anymore its not fair.