Friday, 12 March 2010

Oh Deer

Spotted 2 Little Owls at the Rising Sun on Wednesday evening. Went back there Thursday p.m. to see if i could get some better images. No show by Little Owls so in between while waiting wandered off a few times and around 5.45 p.m. as i flanked Swallow Pond heading to Dukes Pond the Star at the Sun appeared. Again the light had gone but enjoy what i captured anyway. The guy walks round like he owns the place.
You wouldn't expect anything else from the Monarch of the Glen.


  1. Good photos John always a pleasure to see this beast.

  2. I can only reiterate what Davy said, great pics. Only see Little Owls at a display in South Shields never in the wild.


  3. Hi Davy,
    Thanks, it's a joy to watch him strut around. I haven't caught him in good light yet. I hope to do him justice then.
    Cheers John,
    I went up again this after but no joy again. The Little Owl looks so ferocious. A real stunner.

  4. He's brilliant! I had a smile at the second photograph. As he glances round he seems to be saying, "Are YOU still there?!" The last photo is especially nice with his pony friend and the lovely frosty background. :)

  5. Hello Lesley,
    I always enjoy you popping by.
    Just to set the scene.
    I don@t know if you know the area but forgive me if you do. The Rising Sun Country Park is in Wallsend (Segedunum). It is to the north of the town and is surrounded on 3 sides by housing and on the other by a supermarket and industrial estate. Running through on either side are the two main arteries which were former waggonways which ran N/South to the banks of the Tyne. These days as well as servicing the park they both ferry people from the housing estates to the supermarket as well as loads of dogwalkers. As you can imagine it is very busy at times and nobody knows how this majestic beast got here. I spotted for the first time last spring at 5.00 a.m. running across a field and thought it was a horse until i noticed the antlers. I've been besotted ever since. There are areas of cover for him in the park but i do worry about his wellbeing and every time i see him i am so pleased. I could go on but i will be posting more images as i see him over time so will waffle on more them. Remember, more waffling than warbling!!
    Thanks again

  6. Hi John. I didn't know what the Rising Sun was and didn't ask for fear of sounding ignorant! I thought it could be a pub or a hotel and didn't think of a country park. :O) I now understand why you're so anxious about the stag's welfare, given that the area is so public. This is the price we pay for caring and getting involved.... but thank goodness for caring people.

    I have a photo of a stag that I took at Whitworth Hall Country Park (near Spennymoor, Co. Durham). I put all my old photographs on a disk just before I got my new computer at Christmas. I'll find it out and post it some time soon. I was delighted to get that photo as he doesn't usually come so close to the public areas, but all his 'fancy pieces' were there so I suppose he just followed them. :)

    The only other time I've seen deer is when I lived near Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. The herds could be seen from a distance but, as they were really wild and timid, the least sound sent them running.... and quite right too.

    It is a mystery about The Rising Sun Stag but he seems to be settled where he's at since he's been there for at least a year that you know of. I look forward to reading many future posts about him. :D