Saturday, 18 October 2014

Raggy-arsed dragon.

Well.....raggy winged.
Makes you wonder how the fella managed to stay airborne or not get predated.
Migrant Hawker.

Not so raggy dragon.
Common Darter.
There have been a number of Migrant Hawkers on patrol along the new dog walking and cycling path leading to the Oddie and Budge hides at Druridge Pools. Favouring what is left of the brambles just as you cross the ditch.
The Common Darters used to be seen all along the path (that might have changed) but are always to be found at the far end where the style takes you out to the Old Rectory.
The new improved ( not for the wildlife judging by the damage done to the plantlife along the raised banks) path already has litter accumulating along it, and in the hide, not to mention the dog shit just starting to be deposited. I hardly remember seeing any litter along here before and not once can i remember seeing a dog walker never mind the remnants of such a visit. In the last couple of weeks the steam of dog walkers has been increasing, so watch where you tread. Never mind camo gear, better get a high viz jacket so the cyclists don't mow you down !!!.

Anyway, hopefully off to see a man about a Death's-head Hawkmoth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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