Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I struck Gold...........

.......but not much else.

A few sightings of Goldcrest in the bushes at Druridge but i have a feeling it may have been the same bird. Apart from a number of Robins nothing else of note.
A Velvet Scoter early morning was enjoyable followed immediately by a Kestrel showing its aerial prowess by hovering stationary at Snab Point for over 3 minutes in winds exceeding gale force. The birds tail was at ninety degrees beneath the body most of the time.Light was no good for an image unfortunately.........if i'd been able to stand upright and still that is.
A Barnacle Goose was present in fields just north of what is now Cresswell Duck Pond as i stopped briefly early morn. and later as i headed home late p.m.

Below is a couple of images from Sunday morning of the Shorelark which was close to Chibburn Burn. I was one of only five birders that saw it for 10/15 minutes picking thro' the strand line. It had been seen briefly 15 minutes earlier by one gent for only 30 seconds. Both times it disappeared into the dunes.


  1. Great shot of the Goldcrest although the Shore Lark seems a bit blotchy, where you using that high ISO THINGY you were on about on the Twatter thing the other day, you will have to explain it to me and can you bring some WD40 on saturday to use on one of the buttons on my camera cos I cant rotate it off Auto (whatever that is)

  2. I can only appologise on behalf of the Shorelark for having a blotchy appearance.Unfortunately it's not around to defend itself now.
    I've given up on you as far as photography is concerned.