Saturday, 11 October 2014

Getting to know you.

A kestrel was chilling and occasionally checking out the ditch below its chosen fence post at St. Marys Island this morning until, enter stage left, a couple of Magpies appeared a good 50 metres further along the same fence line. As expected they made their way towards the Kestrel and decided to give it grief. One of the Magpies and the Kestrel disappeared over the fields.
Getting acquainted.

The Howdon Blogger and i arrived to be greeted by beautiful light. Sadly i didn't manage to capture any decent images in the thirty or so minutes it glowed. Our only options were Rock Pipit, Pied Wag or Crow at the south end of the prom. where very high tides had left huge piles of 'weed piled high way up the beach, which would have been lifting with life later as the tempertures rose. Check out the wrack if you're down in the next couple of days (dog walkers permitting, as ever).
A brief Golden Plover aerial display was nice but will become dazzling as numbers increase. All the usual birds on the rocks. Although i did manage a Wren and Robin on the larger dry rocks north of the north bay.
Three Goldcrests were the best we could manage in the trees by the wetland with two Stonechats either side of a Reed Bunting out in the open just before the Kestrel caught my attention.


  1. That's very kind of you Brian. I had plenty of the Kestrel sitting on a fence post but nice to get something slightly different.