Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Little Waters........Big suprise.

I arrived at Little Waters having spent an enjoyable four hours between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Gosforth Park with the sight of a Bittern flying across the channel of water in front of the screen the main highlight. Camera was in my bag sadly but I did get some nice shots from the main hide of Black-headed Gulls feeding their chicks. The Terns also have chicks but they were sitting tight and never offered any photographic opportunities.
At Little Waters, after thirty minutes exploring the periphery I came across Brian (Northumbrian Birding) who, I knew, had the same target species as I did. A Broad-bodied Chaser had been photographed by Alan Johnson a few days previously and after initial disappointment the subject appeared more or less as soon as the sun broke through the heavy cloud cover. A beautiful specimen, a mature male. Initially a single Four-spot Chaser appeared over the pond and immediately the B.B.C. took exception and CHASED it off but a couple more joined it which didn't help our viewing. A Darter was also noted which turns out, I reckon, to be a Common Darter. The book says that they can emerge in June and go through 'till October.
Our Broad-bodied Chaser gave smashing views when perched but it did go missing not only chasing off other dragons but when the sun disappeared behind cloud cover. More time will be spent here over the next few days..............WEATHER PERMITTING.
One word.....BREATHTAKING.


  1. Excellent! good to see you finally nail one. Good early darter too, was it a mature? usually just emerging about now oop north. And get any good dragons doon sooth?

  2. Thank you sir. I still want one in Gateshead !!!!
    I was surprised to see the Darter, must admit didn't think they came out this early.
    The weather down south was lousy. I am their to see my grandkids but always get a day out birding / dragooning/ butterflying. Usually have a choice of days but last week ended up with Friday (last chance saloon) and it wasn't the best. Sun didn't emerge 'till mid afternoon. No Chasers but did get first Hairy, a female, ovipositing. Fantastic. Oh, and plenty Banded Demoiselles along River Great Stour, in poor weather conditions.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to more from yer blog.

  3. Glad to see you got back into birding/dragon etc etc mode as soon as you got back. Pretty good shot. Did you get to the other pond at Big Muddy ?


  4. I didn't John. Called by Little Waters for the last hour only.