Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Happy chappie

First Damselflies of the year for me.
On the way to the Rising Sun I encountered my first Large-red Damselfly in the Station Road ditch to the west of the country park. Relieved to see a damsel here as the ditch had been drastically widened last year and the habitat had been seriously compromised. A pair in tandem and three tenerals were spotted along the banks of the ditch and off I strode with a broad smile to the first of the ponds confident more were to follow. Follow they did but only at the one location. Dukes Pond and the Plantation Pond held nothing but the pair of ponds on the edge of the SEO fields had good numbers of Large-red.  Adults, both singles and coupled on or close to the water and juveniles, as one would expect on the periphery nestled in the vegetation waiting their turn to mature and venture closer to the water.
Managed to get this specimen to alight onto my finger. Captured the eye nicely, I thought.


  1. Nice Pic, shame about the FINGER

  2. That's the one I use to pick my nose !!!.
    They might like snot !!!