Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Damselfly exuvia, Banks' Pond.

Sun kept coming and going as I drove up to look for Dragons & Damsels but on arrival at the pond it quickly disappeared. I had a very brief sighting of a couple of Dragons engaged in combat and at the speed they were travelling I would hazard a guess that they were Four-spot Chasers but with the poor overhead conditions neither were seen again. Glimpses of Large-red and Common Blue Damsels were had and some tenerals lifted as I passed through some of the longer grass but I knew my fate and settled down to try to view some exuvia in amongst the reeds. No Dragon exoskeletons could be located but large numbers of Damsels were noted. I sat and counted 31 in view at one stage.

Numbers of Swifts and House Martins kept me entertained over the water before the drizzle started.


  1. "couple of dragons engaged in combat", put that Harry Potter book down and get on with some birding


  2. Who the feck is Henry Porter ???????