Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rosie and Sandie

Our usual Saturday soiree had myself and the BLOGGER FROM HOWDON in South Tyneside. Having paid the penance of £1.40 to pass under the River Tyne we continued on towards Whitburn hoping to catch a glimpse of Napoleons, errr sorry, Bonapartes Gull. No joy early on but having spent time beside the Foundation of Light and the beach north of Roker Pier caught up with the bird on the rocks of Whitburn Steel. Having enjoyed clear but slightly distant views we headed onto Whitburn Coastal Park where we spent an hour or so sea watching along with a circumnavigation of the park itself. Nothing exceptional passed by at sea while we observed and nothing overly exciting in the park but a nice walk nonetheless, i look forward to returning during the winter period.
The land of the Sand dancer, South Shields was our main destination as far as i was concerned and brilliant views of the Roseate Terns were had. We filled up the parking meter on arrival and had a sit down coffee before heading out to the pier. Initial sightings to the south side of the pier were had of Guillemots, close in to the beach, then loads of Common Terns. We switched our attention to the northern side and we had our Rosies there. I looked across the Tyne towards Tynemouth wandering why we didn't see these lovely birds on our side of the river and chuckled this morning to see a sighting at the Black Midden rocks today! A few Ruddy Turnstones mingled in amongst the Terns in semi breeding plumage and a bonus bird by way of a Common Sandpiper added to the enjoyment. Boldon Flats was paid a visit on the return home with Curlew and Snipe the highlights in among a number of Greylag Geese which we had seen lift earlier from the fields down the road. A quick hello to JARRA SID who John and i had the pleasure of for an hour with some handy local tips thrown in.
Had the phone and Internet finally installed on Thursday and a new car was gratefully picked up on Wednesday so the days of public transport hopefully have passed. We are creatures of habit and the upheaval of the past few weeks has been awful. I know one thing...........if we ever flood again, god forbid, I WILL BE RESCUING THE CAR BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE !!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Roseate Tern, just wish John had put more money in the meter.
Common Tern with just as Common Sandpiper close by. I don't find either common at all.
 If you want to see these fantastic birds before their imminent journey to Africa get yersell doon to Soo Shields pier......the Sand dancers aren't a bad bunch. You might even get a Black Tern like us, i see one came in this morning to the pier.

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    thanks for all the narrative - just told them on my blog to read yours cos I'm too lazy.