Friday, 31 August 2012

Edmundbyers circular, Durham

A fantastic walk out of Edmundbyers yesterday via Muggleswick Park, Carp Shiel, Birkhot, Lamb Shiel and back brought us a number of bird sightings. No camera or bins taken as the forecast wasn't the best and when i arose at 6.30a.m. it was torrential rain. We crossed over the bridge at Burnhope Burn around 10a.m. and it was a raging torrent. The ford alongside was underwater and when we returned mid afternoon the burn had returned to what looked like its normal state and the ford turned out to be a series of large pipes side by side, allowing the water through and they must have been at least 800mm in diameter giving some idea how much the burn was swollen. It was overcast while out with bits of rain here and there and a definite autumnal feel in the wind. The SUN CAME OUT as we changed to get back into the car in what turned out to be a beautiful evening.
Buzzards 5, Peregrine 1, Grey Heron 1. Snipe 3, Red Grouse 40, Meadow Pipit 60+, Goldfinch 50+, Linnet 50+.
We covered 14.6km with a total ascent of 408metres and saw only 4 humans. Brilliant.


  1. I thought you were off with Passport in your hand crossing the Great North Divide on Thursday for the Southern Wild Lands


  2. I was in the Southern Wild Moors..............Durham.