Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I had to walk up to the north end of Ponteland from the airport Metro on Sunday and ended up in Ponteland Park for the first time ever. A most enjoyable 3 hours spent beside the Oxbow Lake and a cracking wildflower planted meadow area. A very distant Hawker was in amongst the Flag Iris on the lake along with a small number of Damselflies. I took some lunch with me and ate it while sitting enjoying the insects on the wildflowers, the Field Scabious being the favourite with most. Another Hawker appeared hunting the tree edge before coming to rest in typical crucifix position close by to me.
Southern Hawker "hanging out"
 A short time later i was standing on a bridge over the River Pont watching at least 6 more Hawkers taking insects above the river. That's almost as many as i've seen all summer. One of them took time out landing on a plant on the bank side before a second beauty landed on a post on the bridge to enjoy the sunshine. I stood and enjoyed the sunshine while enjoying watching the Dragonfly enjoying the sunshine. can't beat it, it's just a case of finding it first.
Fabulous Common Hawker soaking up the rays
Look at that stunning costa along the front edge of the wings.


  1. Great place to visit, Carole and I had a long walk round there last year when there was a real summer and saw quite a few Hawkers.


    ps. not bad pics at all

  2. It was a nice suprise......helped break up the trek from the cattery.

  3. Yes very nice pics looks like I'm going to have to get away from the coast to get some Dragons.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. Haven't been online since last Wednesday, appologies for late reply.