Tuesday, 3 July 2012

One of the victims of the flood

Our 3 month old car disappears down the street. Pleased to see it go as the electrics obviously went haywire in the floods and an hour or so adter the deluge had stopped the windscreen wipers started up, a c.d. in the player started going in and out and one of the windows decided to wind down. It stood there open to the world untill late yesterday having told the insurance company to get themselves down and shift it before someone else did. The driver who took it away told us of cars having been lifted on the back of trucks and taken off by rogues. The police in the Morpeth area were checking documentation of trucks with cars on the back to check they were legitimate.We have had to chase numerous "scrap men" who have been coming along and trying to take away belongings from front gardens, lots of which have to be seen by loss adjusters. The insurance people have told some folk that they will not be paid for any goods stolen before these adjusters have seen them. We had the "rogue builders" around on Friday promising they will sort our insurance out for us and do a brilliant job.
I have told all of these VERMIN politely (well sort of) to go away.


  1. Sorry to read about your recent bad luck Johnny. My family went through it all in 2008 I know how hard it can be. But before long you will have your life back on track mate.

  2. Been offline for a few weeks and just read about your troubles caused by the flood, hope you're starting to get back on track Jonny. Linda

  3. This is really a bad news but don't worry just hire a Insurance Loss Assessor to get you appropiate claim.