Friday, 11 May 2012

Red-spotted Bluethroat, Hartlepool Headland.

How many images can you take of a bird? No matter how stonking it is.
I don't know how many i took but there were guys shooting away as i arrived and some were still at it when i left and i had spent some time with a pair of Linnets and Wheatears down by the Battery and had me bait during one of the numerous heavy showers.
I've just picked one out as it'll take me 'till next week to scrutinise them.
It went missing a few times but always returned to it's favourite spot at number 15.


  1. Looks like you had some better light that we did !

  2. What a bobby dazzler, good work Jonny!

  3. On and off Cain. It wasn't too promising early on then scattered showers. The old Adsa plastic bag came in handy on quite a few occasions.

  4. Actually Linda, now i've had a good look at some of the images it's a bit of a gaudy bird. An eyecatcher tho'. Thanks for your kind comment.

  5. Very nice shot usually they are skulking in the undergrowth,no doubt a new header will appear soon , nice one !!!!!


  6. Cheers Brian,
    It did skulk about a bit but it was showing very well generally. Most the images on Birdguides in amongst the flowers were from the same garden. I've got a few to look thro', so i might put another up.