Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Large Red Damselfly exoskeleton

I went back to the western ponds at the Rising Sun late this afternoon in what was probably the worst light of the day to try to see if the exuvia that i had found was still intact after the heavy downpour yesterday. It was but could not get a better angled image but i did find 2 more on the same pond. These were better positioned to confirm that they were indeed Large Red. I checked through the vegetation rising from the larger second pond but nothing was found there. This pond is around 3 times the size of the other and in slightly more shade so the other pond will warm up more when the sun shines. The water quality in these ponds isn't the best and not helped by imbeciles throwing discarded drinks cans and litter in from time to time. I couldn't reach any of the specimens so as to take home to get some macro shots.
Record shots of the other two exuvia.

I want to do a bit of pond dipping photography soon and hope to find some Dragon and Damsel nymphs but these ponds will be left alone due to that poor water quality. I'm also hoping to capture an emerging Damselfly this year. Need the weather to improve tho'.


  1. John,

    havent found anything at Big Waters yet although its a bit hard to get near the usual locations due to the influx of water. Great finds mate.


  2. I called by Cowpen Bewley on the way home this evening and the platforms there were under water, to put it mildly.