Friday, 30 March 2012

Ring Ousel at The Rising're having a Giraffe !!!

Caught up with the little beauty this afternoon. Had three decent sightings as it hopped in and out of the gorse initially before it moved up the hill slightly joining up with a pair of Blackbirds on a track in front of the top tree line.At one stage some bozo nearly decapitated another birder and my good self as his model aircraft nose dived into the hillside. That wasn't too bad but what upset us was the fact that it startled the Ring Ousel which lifted and dropped into a much larger and thicker area of gorse which had it hidden from view for some 20 minutes!
I'm surprised so few came to see it. It was on view on the eastern side of the old spoil heap in the slight dip where the gorse bushes are. I've included an image of the area below.
Sedgedunum Ring Ousel
Hangin' out with a couple of Blackbirds.
Perfect Ring Ousel habitat !


  1. Good swift reporting John, should have gone up when I came from work but the prospect of Fish and Chips with the beloved was just too much.

    Now who was the chap (scratching head) who picks me up when I got certain words wrong like Carrs and Hoopers, ah yes it was the guy who wrote about the Ring Ouzels

    cya in 70mins


  2. I remember back in the day when i frequented the Greek Islands that i drank a bit of Ouso.