Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Very dodgy dodgy-scoping, in fact abysmal-scoping.
But what species are the birds ????
I blame the scope meesell.
That fantabulous image was taken at Cresswell along with the one below.
Lapwings sunning it on the sand bar.
Quite a number of birds about today while on a halfish day jaunt with Brian, Killy Birder. A large number of Pink-footed Geese the main attraction at Cresswell along with the two birds above. That was before a brief visitation to Druridge Pools with 5 Grey Heron and a Stoat stealing the show there. We called into Blyth Estuary initially and again, with perfect timing for the tide, masses of birds probing the mud. Hundreds of Redshank scattered the full length of what we had in view with the eyecatchers being the 28 Shellduck. Other waders there included Curlew and Bar-tailed Godwits. Brian brought some birds to my attention on the North Sea off Snab Point the best being Red-throated Divers but he secretly wanted a Gannet but was disappointed. Newbiggin had Brian spotting a nice couple of birds again. A PUFFIN and a CORMORANT had him quite excited mentioning that he had not noticed these birds here before. The edge was taken off these birds for me when i saw an old lady talking to the PUFFIN while her son let us know that she was not exactly compos mentis. That and the fact both birds were made out of cast iron !!
I was down at Teesside on Saturday with John, THE Blogger from Howdon and Alan, an expert from Dinnington and Big Waters. Highlights down there were the Black Redstart at Newburn Bridge and another sighting of the juv. Glaucous at Hartlepool Quay. There was a very, very well camouflaged Jack Snipe at Saltholme that had the two wardens on duty describing every detail of what they had not seen to every visitor to the hide. I'm being naughty here, these guys do a good job and my hat is off to them. But it was amusing.
A Fish Quay roof !
A grey bird with a red start or stert or steort, tail to you.

Best sighting of the day for me on Saturday was of  5 Skylarks chasing each other around at Saltholme.


  1. Damn it.......I've taken Puffin off my year list!
    You definitely need a little more practice with the digi scoping John! I suspected it wouldn't work, as I remember another owner of this type of scope needed a special adapter and soon became like a walking workshop.
    I'm falling behind with my reports so will let yours suffice I think. Nice few hours.

  2. Take it off, NOW.
    I'm going to try the small camera and bog roll next time.
    You probably can't keep up on reports because you're out galavanting at the Hancock.
    I enjoyed yesterday but it was a bit rushed. I hate the time thing hanging over me when out.

  3. The superbly digiscoped birds are friends of Fred Flintstone. They are Barnies.


  4. There y go. Give that man a coconut.............and a white stick.