Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's spring, make love not war.

Rising Sun skirmish.
At first glance you would be excused for thinking "just some more Coot fighting" but this scene developed as i had been watching a pair of drake Mallard trying to drown each other as a female watched on admiringly at a safe distance. This duel had continued for two or three minutes when, enter stage left a Coot just had to join in. The Mallards had been evenly matched in what had been a relatively gentle affair but the introduction of Coot into the equation seemed to be the catalyst for a battle royale. Needless to say the Coot entered the fray feet first. I'm pleased to say all parties left the scene in one piece.
A few days earlier while visiting Killy Lakes a heavyweight bout broke out in front of me. No ring announcer or anything. In the blue corner a Canada Goose and in the red corner............another Canada Goose. This just about went this distance with, in my opinion, a draw the correct decision. But it was an aggressive clash with no quarter given by either protaganist or antagonist. Both live to fight another day i'm pleased to report.(Sorry LDNPA cullers)
Canadas battling with concerned onlooker in foreground.

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