Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday p.m. West Hartford.

I spent 90 minutes with 4 Short-eared Owls at West Hartford and when the light had gone i spent 45 minutes with 11 Magpies on the wireless and both were most enjoyable.
Within a short time of arriving at the site i had 2 owls hunting in the field in front of the farm. Another bird appeared over by the brick outhouse shortly after and within minutes they had dispersed. At varying times i had owls over the field in front of the Fire Station, by the sub station and perched on the railings of the compound. With them being scattered everywhere it was getting difficult to keep a track of them and i thought that i has seen 4 but couldn't be sure but eventually all the birds ended up in the field in front of the farm again and i definitely had 4.
Other birds seen while there included 57 Teal, a single Wren and numbers of Lapwing and Gulls which lifted when i arrived but was unable to I.D. or count before they flew off.

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