Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oh, what a beautiful mornin'........................

.........oh, what a beautiful day,
i've got a wonderful feeling,
Shorties are flying my way.
Anyone who crossed their threshold this morning must have been more than happy, especially the ones with any kind of optic. It was caad mind and the grass crunched like a thirty year old felted roof underfoot as i walked around Killy's larger lake. The Goosander count was down to 7 with the Goldeneye scoring a measly 4. A hybrid goose had taken me up to the car park end but apart from that there were 7 Greylags in amongst the throngs of Canadas. Something else was in the air at Killy apart from the nip of Jack Frost. I reckon around 12 pairs of Mute Swans were getting acquainted, most of them mirroring each other with one pair copulating in the water. The Coots were also active. There was a lot of posturing and fights were breaking out spasmodically as i walked around. By now the grass was silent and my boots were now getting wet and as i approached the floating bed (i've left the reed bit out). I was pleasantly surprised to see a Grey Wagtail hopping about on it. First i can recollect here. I then spent 20 minutes getting my backside cold and wet by sitting on the wall in front of the floating bed watching a Little Grebe close by.
On to Prestwick Carr. No Great Grey Shrike and not  much else initially but it was a joy to be out and about. If i hadn't seen a bird i wouldn't have been too disappointed to be honest, it was that nice.
I walked the full length of the bumpy road and before i settled down to view the owls i had 2 Roe Deer bounding across the danger zone, their arses "showing well". Bird wise it continued to be quiet with Blackbirds and Robins taking centre stage supported by a single Dunnock which popped up from the undergrowth and the honking of some Greylags coming from i know not where, but not overhead.
A trio of Short-eared Owls hunted on both sides of the road with the highlight being when one of the owls, which was taking a break on a fence post, was dive bombed by a very vocal Kestrel who obviously had decided "this Carr ain't big enough for the both of us". It tried three times to chase off the Shortie but the owl wasn't having it and the Kestrel drifted off. All too distant for my lens but the image below i believe sums up my morning.
It was lush.


  1. John,

    saw the weather forecast myself and decided to take a day off and Carole and I were going to head up the coast but when I took her a cup of tea at 5 she rolled over and said that she was still a bit tired and would stay in today (thats the abridged version)so otherwise I would have belled you on Thursday. The light was just amazing everywhere and I didnt really want to leave Cresswell as the sun was dropping over the horizon.


    ps, I cant remember a Wagtail there either

  2. I would have enjoyed that John. A shame.
    Looks good today, hope you get to check out the new camera.

  3. Your making me feel guilty John as I've neglected the lake recently. Mind you with all this copulation going on its perhaps just as well!
    Grey Wags used to frequent the lake quite often, but I've not seen any there recently, so hope it hangs around.
    Just returned from the wagon-ways, a beautiful sunset and four SEOs.

  4. The Grey Wag looked a bit forlorn sitting on the "reed" bed. Looks more like a rubber lilo.
    It WAS fantastic this evening. Finally got along to Nine Arches and watched 27 Red Kites at pre-roost then roost. Went via Far Pastures this after. Got 3 "Crests". Gold rather than Fire. Not a bad 2nd prize tho'.