Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Help save Gatesheads Countryside Management Team !

I bumped into Harold Dobson at Prestwick Carr just before Christmas and mentioned that i had read that there were cut backs in the offing which had been highlighted on Gateshead Birders website. The cut backs include the possible axing of the Countryside Management Team. Harold had advised me that he had set up an e petition to try to help save the team. We can help wildlife in lots of ways and by signing this petition we all can help some of the wildlife in the Gateshead area. Whether it be Dippers on the Derwent, Kingfishers at Clara Vale, Dragonflies at Kibblesworth or Grey Squirrels at Thornley (not sure about that last one) click on THIS LINK and show your support by adding your name.
By way of thanks here is an image of a Sanderling taken in the North Bay at St. Marys yesterday where, due to the wild conditions, i had only the Sanderlings and Turnstones to share with. Not a dog walker in sight......bliss.


  1. Petition signed.
    I'm beginning to think you like being out in the wind John!

  2. Petition signed although it said it would send a link for me to confirm and have been waiting 15mins but nothing yet