Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The last post........................from my trip to Cumbria.

Four-spotted Chaser was another of the species of dragonfly sighted. Some images follow.
Four-spotted Chaser
The sexes are very similar with the males adopting vantage points among tall marginal vegetation
An aggressive species with a rapid territorial flight.........................on the wing 'till mid August
The females spend much of their time away from water and often seen perching on trees or bushes. When they do come to the water to oviposit they are continually harassed by males.
Tell ya what, i enjoyed my visit so much i might just call back this weekend, weather and body permitting.


  1. Spectacular photos of amazing creatures John. I can see why you are so fascinated by them. I hope you manage to get back there this weekend. :)

  2. Thanks Lesley,
    I'm very hopeful at this stage. The underfoot conditions can be tricky in places with waterlogged ground and heather......in both cases you need to lift your feet! Not good for a bad hip.

  3. Are you down for a hip replacement Johnny? Hubby's been told he needs new knees (lol), but they say that, at 55, he's still too young. Seems a shame people have to wait till they're too old to work or able to be so active before getting put right!