Sunday, 31 July 2011

Can you spare a Copper?

First "proper" venture out for a few weeks saw me returning to the raised bog in Cumbria this time with Brian (Northumbrian Birding) who wanted to catch up with the White-faced Darters before the end of their flight season. He was not disappointed with sightings of that species along with Black Darter, Four-spot Chaser, Common Hawker and other species to be positively identified. There were of course numerous damselfly species all, along with us, enjoying excellent conditions for the six and a half hours plus that we were at the site. Brian spent the majority of the time around the three pools with the damsels and dragons whereas having been before i wandered off to try to explore further afield. One species which Brian was hoping to capture was the Large Heath butterfly but he never saw a single specimen and i only saw the one while on my wanders. Not surprising i suppose as the end of its flight season is marked down as early August in most publications.
Small Copper
Enjoying the nectar from the flowers of the heather
A nice top view showing the markings on both front and hind wings.
The only Large Heath i saw also enjoying the heather along with numerous other insects.

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  1. Lovely photos John. I especially like the third one and, once again, when enlarged the detail is fantastic. The butterfly's body is a gorgeous shade of blue. :D