Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cumbria images keep me posting.........Large Heath and Black Darter.

Despite 10 days in Kent i'm still relying on images from the other weekend due to a combination of torn calf muscle and major hip pain. Not been out birding or bugging once while i've been here but been out with my beautiful grandson a few times around the local country parks and beaches. That's a laugh. Well, what passes as a beach down here ranges between shells and shingle, oh for the wide open spaces of Northumberland. Speaking of are a few more images from Cumbria beginning with a Large Heath, a butterfly you might not have encountered as, although it is primarily a northern species its habitat is mainly confined to boggy areas. Not an easy species to photograph although it has a slow lumbering flight. It tends to lift and fly for some distance before landing again with the underfoot conditions posing the biggest problem.
There is a large variation in the spot marking of this species depending where in the country you find it.
Away from the pools as we were leaving the site we encountered large numbers of newly emerged Black Darters perched on heather. Another species that tends to be found in and around bog pools and peat moss sites.


  1. John, sorry to hear about your disposition, is the torn calf muscle the one from 3-4 weeks ago?

    Hope you can return to full birding/walking status soon.


  2. Thanks for that John.
    Yea, the calf is from a few weeks ago and is slowly improving. The hip flared up a couple of weeks ago and seems to be an ongoing thing now. It's been bothering me on and off for over a year now but is very painful occasionally. Like now!
    Just got to watch what i'm doing.

  3. Sorry to hear you're in pain John. I love the photo of the Black Darter. When I enlarged it, it was amazing!

  4. Thank you Lesley.
    I'm over the worst.......old age must take most of the blame.
    I love dragon and damselflies, something about them i can't put my finger on. Those eyes are mesmerising to me.

  5. Get away with you John.... it'll be growing pains. :D