Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bee Orchid

I have to thank Brian of northumbrianbirding for his information to locate these beautiful plants in North Tyneside. I visited early yesterday morning hoping for some nice light but with plenty cloud cover ended up returning later in the day. Ironically the site was one of the first places i used to visit after my bilateral knee replacements and it is a place i call by from time to time. Checked the ponds for Dragons and Damsels and was rewarded with a number of Azure Damselflies and a single Hawker which, unfortunately was only a very brief sighting and couldn't make out the exact species. I was keeping an eye out for Broad-bodied Chasers but none were located.

Thanks again Brian for giving me the opportunity to view these fantastic flowers, much appreciated.
You must double click the images to appreciate the detail......knockout.


  1. Thank you for getting me interested in Orchids Dick. Brian mentioned Broad-bodied Chasers in his e mail, i don't know if he has seen them there before but i'll keep an eye out.

  2. You might enjoy Davids blog,he likes an orchid....or two!


  3. Hi Geordie Mag,
    Thanks for that. Just getting into orchids so any extra reading brill.

  4. Thanks for dropping in on my blog, I've just arrived back today from another holiday walking and searching out more wild orchids. I'll be following your blog and your pursuits.