Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hello Ducky

Early visit in wonderful light at Killingworth Lake before heading up the coast brought this excellent image of a female Pochard. Later on Druridge Pool my first sighting this year of Little Grebe followed by first of Pied Wagtail on return from Low Chibburn. A first visit to Ellington Pond Nature Reserve for me brought prolonged views of two pairs of Gadwall, a nice Mistle Thrush and noisy Greenfinch. A nice stop off  point for an hour when on way to Cresswell/ Druridge.


  1. I love the eh, forget what it is called, ah yes watermark, it was agood day, you have'nt mentioned the skylark we never saw!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Cain,
    I called past for possible sightings of Great Crested Grebes but had no decent views so far on the 4 visits.

  3. Never mind the bloody watermark what about the image ?????
    It was a quick post early this morning. Forgot the best bit..........the ariel antics of the Lapwings.