Sunday, 13 March 2011

Brizlee Tower, Hulne Park

Most of my postings concern wildlife but occasionally you see things that turn the head while out and about. The tower at Brizlee falls into this catagory in my opinion so i've included some very nice images taken by Jeff Veevers, my partner in crime, while out walking. He is much more of a photographer than i am and had the perfect lens to capture the splendour of this gothic styled construction finished in 1781. Commisioned by  Hugh the 1st Duke of Nothumberland and designed by the famous Robert Adam placed on a rocky hilltop overlooking the grounds landscaped by "Capability" Brown in Hulne Park.
Enjoy the images, i did.
The tower stands 26 metres( 87ft ) high.
160 metres above sea level.
Absolutely stunning, i think you'll agree.
The tower, as well as the photography.


  1. great photography and looks a stunning place

  2. Cheers Dave,
    Not my work but my mates as i mentioned. I will pass on the praise.