Monday, 7 March 2011


Got my first bumbler sighting of the year today at the Rising Sun. Bright sunshine but a slight chill in the air. This Buff-talied Bumblebee, Bombus Terrestris, usually the first species of bumbler to appear, may be in for a shock tonight in tumbling temperatures. I spotted this little stunner while in stealth mode stalking a Coal Tit i had found in a conifer. It was in shade, so i  was waiting for it to move into better light so as  to capture its beauty. Isn't it funny how you can wander around for half an hour without wanting to capture anything on your camera and never see another soul but the minute you have a cracking subject you would like to capture a possee of dog walkers appear from knowhere and your nether regions are being probed by inquisitive noses. Canine, i must add.
Of course the bird buggers off.
So here is the Bumblebee.

      Buff-taled Bumblebee

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  1. John,

    haven't seen one yet and no doubt you wont see that one again as it was probably frozen by the time you posted the blog.

    Now one thing I would like to see is John "Tiny" A......... steathily squeezing himself through small gaps in trees and bushes so silently that you could hear a Goldcrest at 10metres.