Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pick me up.

Having been well and truly whacked by this virus again, i was desperate to get some sun on my back.
Soooooooo, feeling about 75%, and with my partner off work with the same ailment, i had the car so drove it the hundreds of metres up the road. The light was indeed a nice pick me up even if it was bracingly cold in the wind. I wasn't too bothered what i might come across but the sight of Fieldfare and Redwings in Bowmans Field just lifted me a little more. The cobwebs felt as if they where spinning in my head at times and not being blown away but after an hour or so i reckon i was getting the benefit. Blackbirds, Robins and Dunnocks followed by Blue and Great Tits with a sprinkling of  Magpie, yes Magpie seemed to help me breathe more easily.  BUT the appearance of a mixed flock of Finches in Alder Swamp, as i call it, just off the main waggonway next to the hide was the real deal. A genuine tonic.
The flock, numbering 25 in total included mainly Goldfiches, a male and female Siskin and the Mealy Redpoll that's been hanging around for a while. At this stage i had completely forgotten that deaths door had been creaking in my head not 48 hours earlier and here i was at heavens gate! Seeing the Meally was nice but the male Siskin was absolutely stonking in the winters sun.

.................the Siskin..........simply, stunning.

Don't forget to double click to reap the full rewards of this visual feast.


  1. nice one bonnie lad, good to read your unique way with the english language again and by the way the images are'nt too bad either, for a Canon
    hope to see you soon for a day out


  2. I double clicked,simply stunning.

  3. Great stuff. Plenty of Fieldfare around today, as I was watching a large flock of them feeding in the fields on patch too. Brian
    P S Seems to be a few Geordies about :-)

  4. John,

    nice to see your back in the land of the semi-living. Nice pics for a Canon (as Geordie said) LOL


  5. i wish the Nikons would not carry this chip on their shoulders.

  6. I double-clicked too. Beautiful photos John, especially the first one where the bird is looking at the camera with its head tilted to one side.... like a proper model. :)

  7. John, I see what you mean when I click. Nice one.

  8. Hi guys,
    Thank you for all your kind comments. I haven't commented properly earlier as i'm not as well as i thought i was. I'm not exactly dying but i am male and i am not well !!
    Thanks again, heres to St. Marys Island tomorrow.
    Pleeeeeeeeaaaase god.